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ISIC (International Student Identity Card)

If you're a full-time student, these cards are serious money savers both at home and abroad! Entertainment, food, clothes, travel, the list of discounts is growing everyday.

Discounts and Benefits

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is your passport to fantastic discounts and services at home and abroad. The ISIC card is the only internationally-recognised* student ID card. For over 50 years, ISIC card holders have been members of a truly global club. Every year, more than 5 million students from 125 countries use their student card to take advantage of offers on:

  • Travel
  • Shopping
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Transport

There are over 42,000 discounts worldwide – so you will never be short of a bargain! Check out our domestic discounts and our international discounts.

Who can get an ISIC card?

If you’re a full-time student at school, college or university and aged 12 or over, you can apply for a student card with ISIC. It’s a hassle-free process, and in no time at all you’ll be enjoying thousands of discounts and benefits at home and abroad. If you’re not a full time student, you may be eligible for our youth card (if you 30 years old or younger) or our teacher card (if you are a full time teacher).

What documents do I need to get an ISIC card?

The ISIC card is only for full-time students, so you need to bring one of the following documents and a recent passport size photo to your closest STA Travel branch, or ready for upload when you apply online:

  • A document that proves that you are currently studying full time at a recognised school, college or university.
  • A copy of your university or student card, which is dated and clearly indicates you are currently a full-time student.
  • A signed and dated letter on official university or school stationery, which states you are a full-time student.

We would prefer an original copy, but photocopies and faxes may be acceptable and an official proof of your date of birth (ie. passport, drivers license or birth certificate).

Definition of a full-time student

As a general guideline students must be studying in a secondary school, university or college or educated at a recognised education institution for a minimum of 12 weeks and have at least 15 hours of contact time per week to be considered as a full time student. If you are a full-time teacher, or 30 years old or younger, you can also enjoy similar benefits to the ISIC card with the International Youth Travel Card (IYTC card) or the International Teachers Identity Card (ITIC).

Where can I get my ISIC card?

You can simply apply ONLINE or visit your nearest STA Travel branch to get your ISIC card issued. All you have to do is bring proof of full time student status, proof of ID, and a passport-sized photo. For online orders, the same documents are required, but they must be uploaded to the website instead.

Bank SinoPac ISIC Debit Card

New Release Special: For a limit time only and limited offer. Application fee will be paid by Bank SinoPac if a students successfully apply this ISIC debit card and open an account at the Bank SinoPac. Then with one purchse using the card, Bank SinoPac will refund 400 dollars application fee you paid and until December 31st, 2020.

If you are a student and over 15 year old, you are eligiable to apply ISIC Debit Card: Step1. Prepare your documents and apply your ISIC Debit Card on line; Step 2. Bring your Letter of Confirmation and open an account at selective Bank SinoPac branch and get your ISIC Debit Card right away.

Bank SinoPac ISIC Debit Card is an 7 year debit card plus one year ISIC validity. While its ISIC validity is one year only, it can be revalidated after it expired for NTD 300 at Kang-Wen Culture and Education Foundation if presented the proof of Student status.

ITIC (International Teacher Identity Card)

The International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC) is the essential discount card designed for full-time teachers and professors.

Apply for ITIC

How do I get an ITIC?

If you’re now working as a full-time teacher or professor, you can enjoy teacher discounts with the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC). You can still take advantage of thousands of similar benefits, services and savings that the ISIC student card offers, at home and abroad. So don’t forget to carry your card around with you!

To get an International Teacher Identity Card you need to present one of the following and a passport sized photo:

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • An official identity card issued by the official authorities


A letter on official school or university stationery confirming that you are employed at a recognised educational establishment for a minimum of 18 hours per week and for a minimum of one academic year.


ITIC cards are valid for 12 months from date of issue.

IYTC (International Youth Travel Card)

Not a student? Don’t worry! If you are 30 years old or younger you are eligible for an International Youth Travel card (IYTC).

Apply for IYTC

What will I get from the IYTC card?

With an IYTC youth card, you’re still part of the great ISIC global community with over 5.2 million users Worldwide. You can take advantage of thousands of similar benefits, services and savings that the ISIC student card offers.. Don’t forget to carry your card around with you! international discounts.

What do I need to get an IYTC card?

The International Youth Travel Card is for people 30 years old or younger, therefore applicants must apply before their 31st birthday (ie 30 years and younger).

To get an International Youth Travel Card you need to present one of the following documents that identifies you and proves your age and also a passport sized photo:

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • An official identity card issued by the official authorities


The validity for an IYTC card is 12 months from the date of issue, even if the cardholder turns 31 during the validity period of the card.

Card Type for Revalidation

If you have ISIC Debit card, ISIC academic card, ISIC EasyCard or ISIC iPass card, you could renew your card validity at Kang-Wen Culture and Education Foundation website or branches; you have to prepare proof of documents as well. The renew fee now is NTD 300. Please note that ISIC standard card is ineligible to apply revalidation. Students must reapply a new card instead.

Apply for Revalidation

Please click the link to enter the application form and on “Cardtype” please choose “Revalidation” to start your application.