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Co-Branding with ISIC


Want something more than a regular student card?

Do as over 500 universities, academic institutions and student organisations around the world have done and co-brand your local student card with ISIC (The International Student Identity Card) and offer your members both a local and global network of attractive benefits and discounts.

Why co-brand with ISIC?

By co-branding your local student card with ISIC endorsed by UNESCO, you will:

  • Promote your international message, brand and accreditations to colleagues, students, teaching staff, companies and institutions in abroad.
  • Offer your students a globally accepted card while encouraging them to increase their international mobility. With ISIC, they can organise their overseas travel under the best conditions with a vast range or savings and benefits.
  • Promote your brand through a co-branded marketing message, if you’re looking to attract students to your university, academic institution or student organisation then why not create an attractive co-branded design that will be seen by students globally!